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For some reason my other site, Reves de la Mort, has been taken down for not complying to my host's Terms and Conditions. I'm not sure why yet, and I was thinking of moving everything to another site with more space anyway, so it'll be down for a while at least. Sorry to anyone looking for scans from Bibles 8 & 9.

Here are selected scans of the Gothic and Lolita Bibles 4, 5, 6 & 7 plus links to shops selling the clothes. Don't know what Gothic Lolita is? There's a website here, which can give you a better idea. I've just noticed that one or two of the more popular EGL-related sites have recently disappeared. I will attempt to find other sources of information; failing that, I'll compile my own. Anyway, here's a few scans from Bible 4 to start off with:

Scans from Gothic and Lolita Bible 5
Scans from Gothic and Lolita Bible 6
Scans from Gothic and Lolita Bible 7

Pattern instructions are here:

Rêves de la Mort

NEW! Blue-Period message boards for goth and Gothic Lolita-related fashion!

NEW! Scans from Gothic and Lolita Bible 8

NEW! Scans from Gothic and Lolita Bible 9

Buying the Gothic & Lolita Bibles:

This advice is really for people in the UK, since that's where I am, but most of it will probably apply to other places.
The G&L Bibles can sometimes be obtained from the Japan Centre on Piccadilly Circus, also from Asahiya Shoten, a bookshop in the Oriental City shopping arcade on the Edgeware Road in Colindale (both in London). However, unless you live in London or can get there easily, these sources aren't the most convenient. I order mine directly from Japan, it's not the cheapest way because of shipping but so far the only one I haven't managed to get hold of is Vol. 2, which I believe is out of print anyway.
Other options: the Bibles are frequently found on eBay, though normally in US auctions, so again shipping may be high.

If you're planning to order online, you may need the ISBN for the Bible you are trying to order, so here they are! (aren't I kind LOL):

  • Vol. 1     4-89461-417-0
  • Vol. 2     Out of print?
  • Vol. 3     4-86048-016-3
  • Vol. 4     4-86048-039-2
  • Vol. 5     4-86048-048-1
  • Vol. 6     4-86048-056-2
  • Vol. 7     4-86048-067-8
  • Vol. 8     4-86048-077-5
  • Vol. 9     4-86048-085-6

    Jamall.com Japanese site selling books, magazines etc. worldwide. I got my Gothic and Lolita Bibles here and would thoroughly recommend them.

    JList.com Site selling all sorts of Japanese stuff (website in English), including Gothic and Lolita Bibles and other magazines. They *do* sell adult magazines but you can choose not to view these if you're under 18 or just don't want to see them. I've bought from here, and their service is great.

    Fujisan Fujisan also sell the G & L Bibles, but unfortunately don't ship outside the USA

    Links to some of the shops in the Gothic and Lolita Bibles:

    I'm splitting this list into the more gothy clothing, and those which cater more for those into pastels and frills (guess which category I fall into!)


    Alice Auaa Alice Auaa clothes are more gothy than many other brands - a lot of Alice Auaa stuff looks deconstructed, and they frequently use a distinctive fabric which resembles cobwebs

    Boz Atelier

    Antique Beast

    Moi-Meme-Moitie Mana's label - very elegant clothes in the EGL/EGA mode.


    Kazuko Ogawa


    Miho Matsuda


    UnionJack More punky clothing, using PVC and tartans frequently.SRC



    Innocent World

    Metamorphose Temps de Filles

    Other Gothic Lolita-related sites:

    Monologue Theater Mana's website - in Japanese but still lovely to look at!

    Bara No Konrei Gorgeous Mana fan-site, go visit!

    J-Rock Visions Yaoi/slash archive, J-Rock photo galleries galore

    Luscious Dilettante: unfortunately this site now appears to be defunct.

    +yozora+lolita+ Gothic and Lolita links and pictures.

    Morbid Outlook - Elegant Gothic Lolita Article on EGL fashion.

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